Getting to Douarnenez from Quimper

If cycling is your thing, the countryside in the Finisterre is a feast of beautiful rolling hills and stunning coastal viewpoints connected by quiet country roads.

One excellent bonus is the old rail line from Quimper to Douarnenez that was decomissioned in the 80’s has been converted to a trail for pedestrians and cyclists. Called a voie verte it is not easy to find the trailhead just outside of Quimer.

I found some good maps that have the directions from the Quimper train station. To the voie verte.

Map Leaving the station:

Map Finding the route verte Start at Ty Planche;

Arriving in Douarnenez:

And the map of the last section to our house:

This is about 25 km of well graded gravel path which is a pleasure to ride. We’ve used it to do a nice day trip to Quimper. 

If bringing a bicycle or renting one for your stay is not your thing, it is also possible to catch a bus at the train station to Douarnenez.