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The Plage du Ris a canvas for solidarity

For the new year several Douarnenistes led by the artitist Émilie Vincent came down to the beach to create a big mandala of solidarity to support all the Syrians caught in the war. Even a small community at the far end of the Finisterre can express its compassion for others as we step into a new year.

For more info check out the Ouest-France article and video.

Tourism Resources for Visitors to Douarnenez

The office of Tourism of Douarnenez is a good start for information on local attractions and cultural events in the region:

If you are looking for information about the maritime trades or businesses related to the sea. The Maritime Federation of the bay of Douarnenez is your best bet.

July 24 to 27th 2014 Douarnenez will host its bi-annual maritime festival Temps des Fête:

In 2012 they had a record 1200 boats participate in the festival with over 100,000 people attending more than 60 shows and programs throughought the three ports of Douarenenez & Treboul

temp des fetes

The municipality of Douarnenez is also a good resources for local events and attractions of interest as well as practical information about the city.

The Plomarc’h demonstration farm has been renovated

ferme des Plomarch

The demonstration farm in the Plomarc’h next to the town of Douarnenez was renovated in 2013 as reported in the Télégramme.

Here is a link to the municipality of Douarnenez’s website for the “ferme des Plomarc’h” programming.

The farm serves as a “gite rural” with a stable of heritage breed farm animals from Brittany. They allow free access to all the paddocks and the garden and during the year offer educational programming for adults and children.