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Spring activities around Douarnenez

Route Du Sable header
Route du Sable Festival from Tregarvan to Chateaulin on the Aulne River

It is always fun to discover the region through community events centred around an activity. For eleven years now the community of Rosnoën on the Aulne river, just 43km by road (on the way toward Brest) from Douarnenez hosts a small boat festival in June retracing the path of sand barges bringing up sand to Chateaulin.

Route du Sable poster
Route du Sable poster

This year the Route du Sable will take place on the 13th & 14th of June 2015 and they have mapped out the itnerary with great viewpoints along the way. Or if you plan ahead you can get on as a passenger on some larger traditional wooden boats starting in Port de Tinduff and Brest.

Map of the cirtuitfrom Rodaven to Chateaulin
Escale a Rodaven
Boaters taking a break along the way on the Aulne river.
Arrivee a Chateaulin
Arriving in Chateaulin
Chateaulin a Voile
Port-Launay along the Aulne River (2012 event photo)

Memories of Summer in Douarnenez

View towards the plage du Ris, Tresmalaouen and Kervel

As the rain drizzles down and the days get shorter, this is a moment where I like to recall my favourite places in the sun.


Walking at low tide on the fine hard packed sand if you time it right can lead you on a long walk that can string up several beaches for several kilometres.

Cycling in Brittany: the Véloroute verte from Nantes to Brest

320km of beautiful tow paths along canals

This is a beautiful canal ride called the Kreiz Breizh that connects the Loire Atlantic, through the Morbihan to the Finistère. The route design begins in Nantes and ends in Brest, it appears fairly easy to connect to other cycling routes that would end in Douarnenez.

320km of the total 360km journey are along the canal towpath through the countryside, far from the busy roads and beach-side destinations.

Tourism Brittany, has published a full colour map book of the canal routes with all the information you might need to plan your trip.

The SMATAH has developped a guide for the Finistère portion of the canal with lots of maps and additional information

Canal de Nantes a Brest

TF1 does a nice journal piece on the streets of Douarnenez

A little television journal piece by TF1 on the the iconic street rue Anatole France in the centre of Douarnenez. The history of the sardine fishery

(be patient the piece starts after a 30 second ad)


Tro Bro Leon cycling race

The  Australian online magazine has published some amazing pictures of the Tro-Bro Léon road race (it almost looks like cyclocross) in the region of Léon North of Brest in the Finistère of Brittany. The race takes place in April every year since 1984. Cycling is very popular in Brittany and has great participation in its events. Note that five time Tour de France winner Bernard Hinault was from Brittany.

A Canadian won the race for the first time in 2012 (Ryan Roth).
If you want to check it out live next year, we have a house in Douarnenez which is only 1 hour’s drive away that is available for weekly rentals. (Contact me if you are interested)

Tro Bro Léon cycling race

The Australian website Cycling Tips has posted some amazing pictures of the very “pittoresque” Tro-Bro Léon road race (almost looks like cyclocross) in the region of Léon North of Brest in the Finistère of Brittany. The race takes place in April every year since 1984. Cycling is very popular in Brittany and has great participation in its events. Five time Tour de France champion Bernard Hinault is from Yffiniac in the Côtes-d’Armor department  not too far to the east from Lannilis where the race takes place. In other words although the Tour spends lots of time in the Alps and the Pyrénées for good reason, the heart of cycling in France might be in Brittany.

Bike Race
Tro-Bro Léon cycling race around Lanillis in the North Finisère

A Canadian Ryan Roth won the race for the first time in 2012, with Guillaume Boivin also on the podium the same year in third place.

Tro-Bro Léon cycling race
Tro Bro Léon cycling race 2014
2014 Tro Bro Léon cycling race
2014 Tro Bro Léon cycling race


If you want to check it out live next year, the Plomarc’h Bleuniou house in Douarnenez  is only 1  1/2 hour’s drive away & is available for weekly rentals.

Tourism Resources for Visitors to Douarnenez

The office of Tourism of Douarnenez is a good start for information on local attractions and cultural events in the region:

If you are looking for information about the maritime trades or businesses related to the sea. The Maritime Federation of the bay of Douarnenez is your best bet.

July 24 to 27th 2014 Douarnenez will host its bi-annual maritime festival Temps des Fête:

In 2012 they had a record 1200 boats participate in the festival with over 100,000 people attending more than 60 shows and programs throughought the three ports of Douarenenez & Treboul

temp des fetes

The municipality of Douarnenez is also a good resources for local events and attractions of interest as well as practical information about the city.

Beautiful photo set of historic seaweed farming

I just came accross this wonderful historic recreation of the traditional collection of “goemon” which is a type of seeweed on the Brittany coast near Plouguerneau which is about an hour and twenty minutes away from Douarnenez to the north of the city of Brest.

Chargement de goemon sur la charette

Check out this beautiful facebook album on the historic process.

The Plomarc’h demonstration farm has been renovated

ferme des Plomarch

The demonstration farm in the Plomarc’h next to the town of Douarnenez was renovated in 2013 as reported in the Télégramme.

Here is a link to the municipality of Douarnenez’s website for the “ferme des Plomarc’h” programming.

The farm serves as a “gite rural” with a stable of heritage breed farm animals from Brittany. They allow free access to all the paddocks and the garden and during the year offer educational programming for adults and children.